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The Forest Business Partnership Program

The Wild Center's New Business Partnership Program, The Forest.

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Membership Options

LEVEL: White Pine
PROGRAM: Business Partnership
  • TERM: 1 year


LEVEL: Balsam
PROGRAM: Business Partnership
  • TERM: 1 year


LEVEL: Spruce
PROGRAM: Business Partnership
  • TERM: 1 year


LEVEL: Birch
PROGRAM: Business Partnership
  • TERM: 1 year


LEVEL: Maple
PROGRAM: Business Partnership
  • TERM: 1 year


Program Details

At The Wild Center, we know we couldn't do what we do without you, our community. Just like trees, they root together and help to provide vital nutrients, food, shelter, and so much more to their ecosystem. We couldn’t think of a better analogy for our new Business Partnership Program, because just like a forest of trees, our community can only thrive together with the help of one another.

We have created The Forest Business Partnership program to formalize the relationships between The Wild Center and other businesses in the region who share our desire for sustainable and vibrant communities to live, work, and play. Our Business Partners are vital to the work we do at The Wild Center, and we want you to know.

Join The Wild Center as a Business Partner today and gain access to wellness benefits, professional development opportunities, collaborative marketing opportunities, brand enhancement and much more for you and your employees.

  Maple Birch Spruce Balsam White Pine
  No Fee $100 $500 $1,500 $5,000

Partner Pass (each good for up to 2 adults and related children or 4 adults)

*Non-transferable pass for Owner

--- --- 1 Partner Pass 2 Partner Passes 3 Partner Passes
Complimentary Admission Pass Or Business Day or Special Event 2 Complimentary Passes 5 Complimentary Passes 10 Complimentary Passes 25 Complimentary Passes or Business Day 50 Complimentary Passes and  Business Day
Invites to Professional Development Workshops 1 attendee 1 attendee 2 attendees Unlimited attendees Unlimited attendees
Mutually Beneficial Marketing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Event Space Discount --- --- 5% 15% 25%

*Complimentary Admission Pass: One-time admit one pass eligble for 12 months from start of partnership. Renewing Maple level does not recieve this pass. 
*Mutually Beneficial Marketing: Recognition on The Wild Center's social media platform, onsite marketing in brochure rack
*Business Day: Host your employees for a fun filled day at The Wild Center Or a special event such as Wild Lights